NuNature Labs

Where Science Meets Farming

NuNature Labs superior genetic engineering of seeds, organic farming practices, industrial extraction process, and FDA / DEA-certified lab combine to allow us complete custody of the product from seed to shelf.

Superior Farming Methods

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Raw Hemp Processing

Offering ultra premium finishes natural light.

Extraction and Separation

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Using a revolutionary process to create premium hemp-derived CBD allows NuNature Labs to deliver unmatched consistency across all our product lines. This commitment to quality is the foundation in which our products are based upon.


NuNature Farms is an industrial hemp cultivation and processing company located in the United States. Breeding our own superior, feminized genetics tailored to our climate and CBD extraction process, we are a single-source manufacturer employing sustainable, organic farming methods.


Performance driven manufacturing combines the best methods, materials, and technology with an experienced team of experts. The result is premium quality CBD products that your most discerning customer will come back to again and again.

Premium CBD Products

Our CBD products are derived and processed with a chain of custody ensuring quality, purity, and potency. Each product is third-party tested and licensed to guarantee traceability from inception to finished goods so you can trust what’s in the bottle with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • All of our products are tested in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process for potency and purity.
  • Our CBD is derived from hemp plants grown on our farm in the United States without the use of any pesticides.
  • All products are subjected to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that they contain the optimal amount of CBD and are free of contaminants.
  • Our proprietary extraction methods used in manufacturing assure that the finished products are free of harsh chemicals.

Accredited Facilities

Our production facility is cGMP, FDA, and DEA approved to ensure standardization and quality in the manufacture of CBD distillate from industrial hemp. We believe in organic farming practices and regenerative agriculture.

NuNature Labs is committed to changing the landscape of the CBD industry.