Farming. Science. Compliance.

Our farm is a vertically-integrated producer of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products with a focus on delivering social, economic, and environmental impact through seed-to-scale agricultural production.

We are committed to farming the right way to provide superior quality in all our products

NuNature Farms is an industrial hemp breeding and cultivation company located in the United States. Our proprietary hemp genetics are grown using organic practices, free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Employing superior standards of quality to our processes, we strive to create the best CBD products in the industry – and we do so with incredible attention to detail throughout each step of the process.

Every aspect of cultivation is centered around what is best for you and your health, as well as the plants themselves. We don’t use synthetic nutrients or harsh pesticides. Instead, we combine organic farming methods with the best genetics to produce the highest quality hemp plants within the industry. By overseeing the breeding, cultivation, and harvest process, we can ensure the highest quality CBD in every single batch.

NuNature Labs is dedicated to your health by putting purity and quality first.

Our farm meets strict standards of breeding and cultivation of the
cannabinoid to ensure not only a superior quality product, but also guaranteed traceability every step of the way.