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We know that it’s important to take the right milligram strength and dosage of CBD, and that we have to go to some effort to ensure that the CBD we buy is of the right level of quality.  But, once we have that exceptional CBD product in our hands, we can still make some mistakes that can get in the way of us reaching our hemp-related goals. 

One factor that needs to be considered carefully is timing.  When you take your CBD can play a huge role when it comes to whether or not you experience the relief that you deserve.

The good news is that it’s simple to time your CBD intake properly for the best possible results.  It comes down to having a basic understanding of the various factors that determine when the CBD will activate in your body, and how long it has the potential to provide effects while in the system before getting processed and broken down.

Why Timing Matters

Timing is important when it comes to CBD because most of us are taking CBD in order to experience relief from something that is troublesome for us.  Therefore, by getting the timing wrong, we can end up not getting the relief that we deserve when we really need it.  For instance, many people take CBD for sleep-related purposes.  If they take the CBD at the wrong time, however, it won’t deliver the desired effects when the person is actually trying to fall asleep, and so they will be disappointed.

Different Delivery Methods and Timing

As you know, CBD comes in a number of different delivery methods.  But, many users don’t realize that each delivery method has a different time frame during which it is active in the body, and takes a different length of time before its effects peak in the system.  This means that the timing of your dosage largely depends on the delivery method that you choose.

Now, let’s break down each delivery method in terms of its onset time and activation period, generally speaking.

  • Tinctures: Tend to take effect within 15-45 minutes and can last for up to about 3-4 hours depending on the user.
  • Topicals: Can provide effects within minutes, and those effects can remain for several hours depending on the formula.
  • Vape Oils: Known for acting quickly, usually within just a few minutes of inhalation.  The effects tend to be short-lived, often lasting no longer than 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how much was vaped.
  • Edibles: Take the longest period of time before taking effect, requiring anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on what a person ate that day as well as the speed at which they digest.  Once the edibles take effect, however, they can stay active for up to 8 hours.

Other Factors That Affect Timing

The delivery method itself isn’t the only factor that determines how quickly the CBD takes effect, and how long those effects last. 

  • Milligram Strength: Higher the milligram strength, the quicker the CBD will take effect, and the longer it will last.  This is basically the way it is when we take any active product.  Be aware that a stronger milligram strength will also result in more potent effects.
  • Type of Hemp Extract You Consumed: Only CBD isolate products contain just pure CBD.  Broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp products contain a variety of additional hemp compounds that each have their own activation windows as well. 

Time of Day

Now, we can break down timing depending on when during the day you want CBD to peak in the system. 

Taking CBD in the Morning

If you want CBD to peak in the morning hours, you’ll want to take it shortly after waking up if you’re going with an edible, tincture or topical.  If you’re vaping CBD, you want to take the CBD a few minutes before you’d like it to peak.  Reasons for taking CBD in the morning include the management of stress, dealing with work-related pressure and fueling a workout.  Also, CBD may help regulate the body’s energy cycle, so while we tend to associate CBD with calming properties, it may help you feel more refreshed and invigorated during the first half of the day.

Taking CBD in the Afternoon

Many of us find that we could use some sort of boost halfway through the day.  At this point, we’ve already been busy for several hours, and sometimes we need help getting through the rest of the responsibilities that the day has in store for us.  Also, some of us engage in activities in the afternoon for which CBD can be quite useful, whether it be an anxiety-inducing work meeting or a trip to the gym.  If you wish to take CBD in the afternoon, we do suggest vaping it if you’ve already taken it in the morning as well.  This will give you a nice booster dose that can be felt rather potently.  And, you can take puffs of CBD e-liquid as needed throughout the afternoon hours, rather than committing to a more long-lasting product.

Also, if you’re using a CBD topical each morning, you can apply more in the afternoon if you feel that it will be useful.

Taking CBD in the Evening

Taking CBD in the evening is extremely common.  For one thing, a lot of people take CBD at bedtime as they find it helps them feel more relaxed when they’re trying to fall asleep.  Further, a lot of people take CBD after a long work day because they find that it helps them unwind. 

If you want to help relax during the evening hours, we suggest taking a CBD edible one you get home from work.  This will allow the compounds to stay active in the system from the time you are at home to the time you go to bed.  If you’re looking for more of a quick fix, a vape oil is a great option.  And, if you want to take CBD specifically for sleep, we find that tinctures seem to do a great job.

Many people also use a topical right before bedtime because they find that it relaxes tension within the muscles that can keep them up at night.

Overlapping with Different Delivery Methods

Something that we get asked a lot is whether or not it’s okay to take two different delivery methods within a day’s period, as this can create an overlap during which time both delivery methods are active in the body at once.  This is perfectly fine to do, and in fact it’s a very popular option.  Many find that taking two different delivery methods helps them better zero in on a particular issue that they’re trying to manage.  CBD is nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about a dangerous overdose caused by taking two doses of CBD within a short period of time. 

Experimenting is Key

The information above is a general guide.  Everyone’s body is different, and processes CBD differently.  Therefore, be willing to experiment with different times of taking your doses.  For example, you may find that CBD tinctures kick in sooner than what’s considered average, or that taking two doses of edibles within a few hours of each other really gives you the results that you’re looking for.

CBD Timing is a Crucial Factor that’s Often Overlooked

So, by timing your CBD usage properly, you can potentially experience more relief when you need it the most.  Also, use this information in order to make sure that you time doses in a way that best reflects those particular needs.

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