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Brazil’s health authorities have authorized NuNature Labs as the first US-based company to provide cannabis products for importation and distribution in Brazil.

NuNature Labs has received the necessary certifications from government agencies, allowing for its products to be distributed in Brazil through prescription only means. The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), responsible for approval and supervision of pharmaceuticals and health services in Brazil, has granted NuNature Labs sanitary authorization and approval of full-spectrum Cannabis-derived products.

The two oral cannabidiol-based solutions of different concentrations are forecast to be shipped to Brazil this August 2021.

In order to receive approval from ANVISA, the entire process from seed-to-shelf must meet strict standards to ensure purity and quality.

At NuNature Labs, all steps including breeding, cultivation, and manufacturing are regulated and approved by the appropriate government agencies. In addition, the manufacturing of NuNature Labs products follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (US cGMP).

The process is not only 100% compliant with federal, state, and local regulation, but it also guarantees traceability of the products from seed to the finished goods providing assurance of consistency and quality.

NuNature Labs Production Optimized for Consumer Health and Wellness

The NuNature Labs production process is unique in that it begins at NuNature Farms, the industrial hemp farm located in the United States, with the breeding, cultivation, and harvesting of proprietary hemp genetics. The feminized hemp varieties produced by NuNature Farms are exclusive to NuNature Farms and are engineered for excellence in production of natural, full-spectrum CBD resin.

This also allows for consistency across every crop harvested. Utilizing a whole-plant extraction process creates a golden, full-spectrum CBD distillate that is then used to manufacture the finished goods. The end result is a superior quality product focused on consumer health and wellness.

The farm employs only sustainable, organic farming practices, free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Manufacturing occurs in a state-of-the-art 197,000 square foot cGMP, FDA, DEA approved production facility where all products are thoroughly tested for quality assurance throughout the process to ensure the utmost safety and quality.

The approved products for distribution in Brazil include oral solutions based on cannabidiol at concentrations of 17.18 mg/ml and 34.36 mg/ml, with up to 0.2% THC. These solutions must be prescribed by physicians through a type B medical prescription for controlled drugs.

The authorization received is under a new category, sanitary authorization, created by ANVISA in December of 2019 that does not require proven results from clinical trials for a five-year duration.

These cannabis-based products can only be prescribed when other therapeutic options have been exhausted, and they will be available through pharmacies across the region.

To date, only one other company has received the necessary authorizations for distribution of their CBD-based products from ANVISA within Brazil, but it differs from NuNature products in that it is a synthetic, CBD-only product whereas NuNature Labs produces natural, full-spectrum CBD products.

NuNature Labs is dedicated to bringing the highest quality CBD-based products derived from industrial hemp to the market. Founded in 2019, the company is headquartered in the United States and maintains the entire process of breeding, cultivation, and manufacturing domestically within the United States of America.

Their team of scientists is focused on formulating products to help individuals optimize their endocannabinoid system. With the expansion of a distribution entity based in Rio de Janeiro, this has allowed for product distribution into Brazil and Latin America.

NuNature Labs is dedicated to breeding, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of premium CBD products worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality. They are committed to being a leading resource in education and advancement through research and advocacy. To learn more about NuNature Labs, visit