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We’ve heard it a million times – consistency is key when it comes to having success with CBD.  But why is that the case?  Can’t we get the same desired results by simply taking a dose of cannabidiol when we feel that we need it, rather than taking the same amount each day regardless of how we feel?

Well, not quite.  Sure, CBD may be able to help you get some relief in a pinch, but the way in which this cannabinoid is used by the body is just a bit more complicated than you may think.  Cannabinoids are utilized and stored by the body’s endocannabinoid system, which can only really do its job of maintaining homeostasis if it’s properly supported by consistent cannabinoid intake.  Therefore, using your hemp product sporadically will never give the endocannabinoid system a chance to use CBD to its fullest potential within the body.

Some Quick Pointers for Making Sure You Maintain a Consistent Routine

Good news, it is not hard to maintain a consistent regimen with your preferred cannabidiol product.  In fact, we have some amazingly simple tips that will ensure that you get your daily dose in a way that’s both easy and satisfying.

Tip #1: Set a Reminder to Take Your Daily Dose

To get the most out of your hemp product, daily use is ideal.  But, what if you’re forgetful?  Well, the best way to make sure that you remember to take your CBD each day is to set some sort of alarm on your phone.  Many people do this when they need to take a medication prescribed by their doctor.  Make sure to set the alarm for a time when you’ll be home so that you can take your dose as soon as it goes off.

Tip #2: Choose a Delivery Method and Product You Actually Enjoy

One reason why people start to get lazy about their dosing schedule is because they simply don’t enjoy the act of taking CBD each day.  This may be because of a poor flavor, or a delivery method that doesn’t give them the full results that they had hoped for.  This is why it’s important to keep trying different products until you find one that truly suits you.  Explore different delivery methods, formulas and, if the delivery method allows, flavors, until you find your sweet spot, and actually look forward to your daily dose.

Tip #3: Give it Time Before Adjusting or Giving Up Altogether

Some people may take CBD daily for about a week, and either feel that they need to change their routine, or give up on it completely, because they’re not seeing the drastic results that they had expected.  But little do they know that it usually takes a couple of weeks for the full effects of cannabidiol to “kick in” fully.  This is because in the early stages of your regimen, your endocannabinoid system may store more cannabinoids than it will use, because it’s not used to the idea of getting a brand-new supply each and every day.  So, wait two weeks before assessing whether or not you need to make changes to your regimen.

Tip #4: Select the Right Milligram Strength for Daily Use

Similarly, you will want to make sure that you’re using the right milligram strength each day.  Many people give up early on because they simply weren’t taking enough cannabinoids per dose to get the results that they had wanted, and so they figure that CBD just doesn’t work for them. The reality is though, that many of us benefit from higher concentrations than we may think.  Everyone’s body is unique, so it can take some experimenting before settling on the strength that’s the most useful.

Tip #5: Consider Multiple Delivery Methods

If you’re trying to target something very specific with cannabidiol, you might want to try incorporating multiple delivery methods into your routine rather than relying on just one.  A common example is taking an edible in the morning and using a topical at the end of the day, as one delivery method offers widespread usage of cannabinoids, while the other focuses specifically on the area of application.

Tip #6: Stay on Top of Your Supply

It’s important to make sure that you always have more hemp ready to go when you run out of your current product, so that you don’t miss several doses while you wait for the new product to arrive.  Know how many days you’ll get out of the product you’re using, and make sure that you purchase your refill before time is up.

#7: Stick to a Realistic Budget

Another thing that gets in the way of maintaining consistency is money.  If you can’t afford to purchase the product, for which you’re currently using month after month, you may just give up on CBD altogether.  That’s why it’s important to stick to a realistic budget you can maintain each month.

Soon, Your Body Will Be Using CBD to Its Fullest Advantage

To get as much out of cannabidiol as possible, it’s best to stick to a daily regimen.  Plus, being consistent is easy when you’ve developed a routine that’s truly customized to suit your needs, goals and preferences, all at the same time.